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Featured Schools

  • Roosevelt Elementary<

    Roosevelt Elementary

  • Hope Preschool<

    Hope Preschool

  • Jefferson Elementary Valley City<

    Jefferson Elementary Valley City

    The kids read to them selves about 20-25 min a day and read 20 min together as a class daily

Y-Read Classroom Reading Program

Y94 wants to recognize area schools in Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas as they shape our youth for tomorrow's leaders.

Y94 wants to know, do you pledge to read? Elementary level classrooms in the Fargo-Moorhead area will nominate their class for this promotion by submitting their classrooms number of "reading minutes" per month to Y94's Y-Read Feature on this website.

Y94 will draw one wining classroom each month to win prizes such as gift bags for everyone in the class, pizza parties, frozen yogurt, bookmarks, coloring books, Y94 stickers and temporary tattoos.